Day 4


Picturesque drive to spend all day at Butrint, on a wooded hillside at the head of a lake with views to Corfu.  Butrint is both beautiful and unusual, probably Albania’s best-known and most spectacular site, and the first World Heritage Site in the country. Guide Lecturer Oliver Gilkes has directed excavations at Butrint for many years, and describes it as: “One of the most striking archaeological sites in the Mediterranean: splendid ruins in a breathtaking setting - a thickly wooded hill by Lake Butrint on the shores of the Ionian Sea, all within sight of the island of Corfu. Modern research has made it possible to chart Butrint’s progression from a small coastal settlement to Epirote city and Roman Colony; through its collapse and then rebirth in the Middle Ages under Byzantines, Normans and Angevins to its final years as a Venetian and Ottoman outpost on the Ionian Sea.”  [Photos 210-222 were manually geotagged from photo 209’s data.]