The Bardo Museum, in a former Royal Palace, houses one of the best

collections of Roman mosaics in the world. Afternoon in Carthage; although

the ancient city has now been absorbed into the suburbs of Tunis, the

international ‘Save Carthage’ campaign has revealed many pieces of the

jigsaw, and a good glimpse can be gained of how it looked in Punic and Roman

times. At the Byrsa Hill site, where Princess Dido is said to have first founded

her city, a good section of late Punic housing can be seen. The foundation

levels of the enormous Roman Antonine Baths still dominate the sea-front by

the current Presidential Palace; the Punic and Roman harbour is visible

between the modern houses and the sacrificial tophet site, where the

cremated remains of thousands of children have been found, still retains a

sombre atmosphere.

Tunisia - Day Two