August 25 - September 3, 2011

The actual trip was from August 25 through September 3, but photos were only taken on a few of those days.  August 25 and 26 were travel days, August 27 was the CDCNET reunion in Minnesota (this was the original reason for the trip, hence the name “Minnesota 2011 Trip”, though the photos are all from the Dakotas and Wyoming!), August 28 was a travel day, August 29 was Knife River Indian Villages in North Dakota, August 30 was a travel day, August 31 was Wind Cave and The Mammoth Site (near my motel!) in South Dakota, September 1 was Jewel Cave in South Dakota and Devil's Tower in NE Wyoming, September 2 was Wall Drug, Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse, all in South Dakota, and September 3 was a travel day home.  (Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse were abbreviated visits due to being there more extensively on a 2008 vacation.)

The photos are "geotagged".  This adds GPS data (latitude, longitude, elevation, etc.) to the photo metadata, just as the camera brand and model, date and time, exposure info, etc. are automatically recorded by the camera itself.  Therefore, you can see exactly where each photo was taken, usually to within a few meters.  Unfortunately, the MobileMe web site will only display the GPS info, it doesn't actually map it directly at this time.  Google’s Picasa web site does an excellent job of integrating geotagged photos with Google Earth and Google Maps, so I’ve uploaded the photos there also.

The photos here are not edited, except for the GPS info, though some would benefit from some adjustments.  They’re size-reduced for the web, but I’d be happy to send you individual photos or a DVD with the full-resolution photos.

For simplicity, the collections are named “Day 1”, “Day 2a” and “Day 2b”, etc., instead of having gaps or using actual calendar dates which wouldn't sort conveniently.  So "Day 1" is from August 29, “Day 2*” are from August 31, “Day 3*” are from September 1, and “Day 4*” are from September 2.  Clear?

Day 1  Photos  Picasa
Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, near Stanton, ND; the timestamps are off slightly, so the locations are also, but they’re “close”.  Sigh.

Day 2a  Photos  Picasa
Wind Cave National Park, near Custer, SD.

Day 2b  Photos  Picasa
The Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD (just up the hill from my motel!)

Day 3a  Photos  Picasa
Jewel Cave National Monument, near Custer, SD.

Day 3b  Photos  Picasa
Devil’s Tower National Monument, NE Wyoming.

Day 4a  Photos  Picasa
The famous Wall Drug, in Wall, SD!

Day 4b  Photos  Picasa
Badlands National Park, in SD

Day 4c  Photos  Picasa
Mount Rushmore National Park, near Keystone, SD (abbreviated visit, see 2008 trip for more photos)

Day 4d  Photos  Picasa
Crazy Horse Monument, near Custer, SD (abbreviated visit, see 2008 trip for more photos)

Minnesota 2011 Trip